Dear partners,

Since we last spoke, we have been working on some exciting changes at Dating Factory.

We are happy to give you early access to our brand new niche:

Adult React

Adult React has been designed using AI-powered technology and is built with a mobile 1st approach in mind.

Using powerful algorithms, our brand new niche offers the best UX experience for users interested in Adult, whilst gaining higher returns for you.

Sporting a sleek, modern layout in a range of color themes and styles, Adult React features include: smart and intuitive user chat, simple 1-step flow for even faster customer signups.

Our brand new niche is initially being rolled out in geo’s already tested and proven a success within the adult niche: USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Brazil, Mexico.

This is just the beginning and, although we are giving you early access… we can’t wait to roll this out in other locales.

For now, we want to make sure you have the best features here at Dating Factory and will actively monitor Adult React, perfecting it on the spot.

If you need help with creating a new dating website or have any feedback we would love to hear from you!

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